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  • Massage Therapy

    All massage treatments begin by conducting a discovery to learn about your needs, selecting your favorite oil scent, followed by recommendations on how to address them.

    • Custom Swedish Massage

      Got stress?
      Close your eyes, relax, and unwind as your therapist performs proven effective massage techniques to help you de-stress and attain a deep state of relaxation. Your body’s circulation is boosted as sore joints and muscles are quickly relieved.

      60 min $95 $85

      90 min $130 $120

    • Body Balance Massage

      Feeling a little off?
      Customize your massage to promote de-stressing and healing benefits. Choose any of three areas to focus on: Neck and shoulders, upper and lower back, legs and feet, scalp and shoulders. Revel in your new found vitality as your body’s perfect balance is re-established.

      60 min $95 $85

      90 min $130 $120

    • Deep Tissue Sports Massage

      Feeling really off?
      Improve your posture with this custom tailored experience using deep pressure combined with variety of different modalities to stretch and relax your tense muscles. Specifically designed for guests who regularly receive massages, this intense treatment helps restore proper body alignment and range of motion by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Reduce the risk of injury and alleviate discomfort due to stress, soreness, or repetitive use.

      60 min $105 $95

      90 min $150 $140

    • Revival Signature Massage

      Achieve ultimate rejuvenation as you unwind from head-to-toe with this unique treatment intended just for you and your skin. This royal treatment “tour” includes aromatherapy and warming Himalayan salt stones, a moisturizing Eco-fin hand treatment, an exfoliating peppermint foot treatment, a moisturizing scalp treatment, and soothing techniques to make you feel more relaxed than ever before!

      60 min $115 $110

      90 min $165 $155

    • Natural De-Light Massage

      As a massage candle fills the room with its luxurious aroma and warmth, the wax will melt at a soothing temperature, creating a warm blend of essential oils. Your therapist will utilize the warm oils to complete the ultimate massage experience, leaving your body relaxed and your skin nourished. After the massage is complete, the candle is yours to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

      60 min $125 $115

      90 min $160 $150

    • Mothers-to-be Massage

      Achy back and tired feet?
      Experience a full body massage with light to moderate pressure. This nurturing massage is for expected mothers to help alleviate many of the physical and emotional pregnancy-induced challenges. You will be safe and comfortable as muscle aches, fatigue, and even stress vanish. Go ahead regain your glow!

      60 min $100 $90

    • Full body Eco-fin Deep Moisturizing Treatment

      Warm anti-aging coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and pure essential oils combined with relaxing massage will soothe your tired muscles and joints. Every inch of your skin emerges wonderfully smooth, silky-soft, and refreshed.

      85 min $165 $155

    • Uplifting Facial Massage

      Looking to stop wrinkles right in its tracks?
      This uplifting massage will make your face feel revitalized and regain its youthful glow. Decrease bags under your eyes, even your skin tone, and firm up your cheeks and jaw line with this vigorous and healing treatment. During the 60 minute treatment also indulge in a full service hand and foot moisturizing treatment and dry brushing to allow for an all-around soft smooth glow.

      30 min $60 $50

      60 min $100 $90

Interested in some extra pampering? Choose from these delights to maximize your therapeutic experience:

Massage Enhancement Price Massage Enhancement Price
Mini Infrared Sauna Therapy* $20 Professional Kinesio-taping $15
Natural De-Light $30 Dry Brush Exfoliation From $15
Himalayan Salt Stones From $15 Peppermint Foot Treatment $20
Moisturizing Scalp Massage $15 Mud Detox For Back $20
Eco-fin Hands/Feet Moisturizing Treatment $20/$30 for both Cupping Therapy $15

*Please allow additional time for your relaxation experience.

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